PRICE DROP and Some Big Business Lessons You Taught Us

I’ve started (and stopped) many businesses in my days. I’ve called on friends when I thought I was going to be the next money manager extraordinaire. I earned a dollar or two re-twisting my friend’s dread locs. Wowwed my followers with my style of writing (I think). And sooooooo many other ideas that have come and gone over the years.

Every time I started a new endeavor, I thought it was the NEXT BIG THING. I poured myself into becoming a YouTube-trained expert, bought equipment I probably didn’t need, and started to do what I do best: to sell. My cousin says “I talk good” and I do.

But with every endeavor before, I missed a couple critical components. First, I didn’t have passion. When I maintained my friends locs, I enjoyed playing in their hair, but what I was passionate about was making them look and feel their best. We exchanged my services for their hair, but what I was really passionate about was the transformation.

Then, I didn’t listen. Growing a business is a constant conversation between you (the entrepreneur) and your customers. And what you’ve showed me, LOUD AND CLEAR, is that Jai Makokha Collection is a bop, with some tweaks. So today, I’d like to announce some major changes with the collection.

Our first sell out!

First, we’re transforming our price structure. Starting with all of our tops. You can check out these looks because now your dollar will go a lot farther as you shop Jai Makokha Collection.

I knew this was the right decision when we tested it and you helped us sell completely out of one of our looks. We rolled out a small test run to some of our VIPs on our mailing list and, the rest is history.

We’ll be rolling out new merchandise all summer long to help you shape and expand your personal style in a way that says Black and litAF.

We got something to say

Secondly, as you can probably see, we’re launching our blog. This will be the first and best place to get the latest updates from Jai Makokha Collection. From new drops and merchandise, to content about our business journey and maybe how it can help you along yours, we’re going to delivering new content as often as we can.

When I started which is now VERS, my goal was simple: to engage in a conversation that matters. Jai Makokha Collection is much of the same. I want to engage with you, our loyal customers, in a conversation that helps all of us express ourselves in new ways.

I know that style decisions are BIG decisions, so I don’t take your support lightly. We would not exist or have come this far without you. Thanks again for seeing and supporting our vision. To get special discounts on our merchandise, join our mailing list to stay more connected.


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